Thursday, 10 April 2014

soundtrack pressure

akira 1988 (dir katsuhiro ohtomo)

what does the future city sound like? well here is an opportunity to listen in, predict.
thanks to a reissue by Binyl in japan of the seminal soundtrack to the anime 'akira' by geinoh yamashirogumi .
originally issued on a small release in about 1988 and some later reissues on cd 
 it was not given the exposure it deserved. this ost remains to be a fantastic modern electronic classical score yet it is more than that 
it is ghostly futuristic ancient religious and spiritual.
it summons gamelan, giant woodblocks church organs and headnodding percussions.
sometimes it seems detached almost aloof but always engaging 
reminiscent of the western tradition of philip glass but much madder
well worth picking it up on vinyl

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