Saturday, 21 December 2013

melodiya record covers

Melodiya was the state label for the USSR from 1964 up till the break up of the Soviet Union. It was an umbrella for all the output of the music produced within the massive expanse of Russia. Originally the label concentrated on classical music but throught the late 1960's and up into the early 1980's it was responsible for a number of psych funk disco jazz numbers which include a loads of drum breaks and moog sounds. It is hard wading through a world of records with all the sleeve notes in the cyrillic alphabet. However didligence pays off and these records do turn up whether on record digging trips to the east or charity shops in the north east! Its not always easy to know what your going to get (although there is a unique way the records are coded to inform listeners) you are guaranteed on some of the most interesting cover art!

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